About The Book

A Legacy of Light:
A True Work of Heart

A Legacy of Light – A True Work of Heart is an act of love. It is an instrument, a tool which can be used as a favorite resource or reference book for writers and others given it includes topics about writing, about life, about love and back again while generously sprinkling on the pages quotes from folks ranging from anonymous to well-known and everywhere in between.

It is meant to be inspirational, and is intended and designed to enlighten, empower and guide others to live fully in the present and to achieve their dreams.

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What People Say

This book is a perfect coffee table book full of inspiring and uplifting writings. I like to read a couple of pages each day to start or end my day. Makes a beautiful gift too. Thank you Gregg Roberti. Good job!

Patricia A. Scott

A Legacy of Light by Gregg Roberti speaks to your heart, mind and soul. It refreshes your spirit. It renews your hope. It inspires the highest and best in you. Whether you keep it on your night stand or share it with friends on your coffee table, A Legacy of Light captivates your deepest life-energies toward greater understanding of this world. It's a collection of the finest minds past and present. Their wisdom becomes your wisdom. Their light in their time becomes your light in your time. Roberti's own wisdom shines like a lighthouse to guide you on your own journey. I have read the book cover to cover. Now, I read it daily to inculcate such wisdom of the ages. Thank you to the author for bringing such knowledge, light and above all, love into the world. Frosty Wooldridge, author of Living Your Spectacular Life

Frosty Wooldridge

You can tell from the first few pages that this book was a labor of love. Gregg put his heart and soul into this and it shines through beautifully. If you want to feel inspired, motivated, and grateful to be alive, read A Legacy of Light!

Adam Roberti